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Colin's Links

Links from

Italian web site on alchemy organised by Michela Pereira
Robin Murphy's Alchemilla Journal - Alchemy, Astrology, Homeopathy, and Ancient Medicine
The Philosophers of Nature
Prima Materia - Alchemical and Spagyric resource
The Universalia Web Page
The Golden Elixir - Resources on Chinese alchemy
Lysator page on Alchemy
University of Santiago de Compostela - Alquimia
Spagyria - John Reid III
Alchimie (French site organised by J Dauge.)
Esoteric Web - alchemical texts in French with some alchemical images
Rota Solis - Tradition et Sciences Traditionnelles
Website devoted to the life and work of Alexander von Bernus
Website devoted to the writings of Paracelsus
Herbs and alchemy
Portuguese alchemy - Telemaco A.Pissarro (Rubellus Petrinus)

Newton as an Alchemist

Towards a new alchemy